Workplace Quit Smoking Program

4 / 07 / 2017

Bakers & Co Healthier Happier Workplaces Program

As a part of our Healthier. Happier. Workplaces Initiative, Bakers & Co are participating in the Workplace Quit Smoking Program.

The Healthier. Happier. Workplaces Initiative is a government program that assists Queensland employers set up health programs that employees can use both in the workplace and at home. The Bakers & Co wellness committee conducted a needs assessment with our employees to help identify what health issues are most important to them. These concerns will form part of the health initiatives that we will be implementing over the next few months! One of the main concerns that stood out in the feedback we received was smoking. Due to this received response, the first initiative that has been implemented into our Wellness Program is the Workplace Quit Smoking Program.



The Workplace Quit Smoking Program is delivery by the Department of Health’s Quitline Service (13 QUIT). This is a 12 week structured program combines behavioral counselling, quit resources and nicotine replacement therapy products. The program is provided free of charge and is a great opportunity for employers to help support workers on their journey to a smoke free lifestyle.

Once registered in the program, the worker receives a call from a Quitline counsellor to discuss their smoking habit and develop a plan for moving forward with their quit journey, starting with a quit date. The counsellors provide the employee with information, advice and support throughout their quit journey to give them the best chance of success. Participants of the program will also receive quit resources and free nicotine replacement therapy products including patches, gum or lozenges across the 12 week period.

By participating in the program, workers are substantially improving their own health, as well as those exposed to their secondhand smoke both in the workplace and at home.



We’ve found that many of our employees who currently smoke wish they could quit the habit, but lack the motivation to do so. By implementing the program within our company we will be able to come together as a team to support and motivate each other through the journey.

Quitting smoking is never easy, but we believe that by getting our participating employees together to encourage each other they will have a far greater chance of success.

Application forms for the program have been handed out to all of our smoking employees and we have already received a great response from members from both supervisors and staff. Members of our management are taking the lead on this one and have already begun their quit journey. They have also put their hands up to help manage and promote the program across all of our job sites.

Majority of our employees who currently smoke are already signed up for the program and begun their journey. We hope that after seeing the success that they are having, the remaining employees will be inspired to take on the challenge and be on their way to a healthier and happier workplace.

The strategies we are implementing will reduce and ultimately stop smoking in the workplace, to create a healthier and happier working environment for both smoking and non-smoking employees.


Bakers & Co is committed to improving the health and well-being of our employees, and excited for the future as we continue our journey to becoming a Healthier. Happier. Workplace.


Bakers & Co Healthier Happier Workplace

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