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Low VOC Paints

Better for you and the environment

What Is VOC Paint?

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), are unstable carbon-based gases that are emitted into the air. Some VOCs are natural but many are man made. VOCs are commonly brought into the household through paints, coatings (varnishes) and cleaning products.

 Paints were originally developed with VOCs as they provided spreadable coverage and believed to be more durable, however it has been found that these VOCs often have a negative impact on the health of residents and the environment. VOC gasses are emitted from the paint as it dries.

VOCs in paint are believed to be the most harmful chemical, due to the off-gassing that occurs as it dries, causing harm to the environment and pollutes the surrounding air, causing potential health implications to those around. 

Benefits Of Low VOC Paint

Types of Low VOC Paint

Why Bakers & Co

What are the benefits of low VOC paint?

In last decade, scientific research has come a long way when it comes to the negative health and environmental implications of what was once our normal day to day.

Nowadays, low VOC paints make up majority of the paint market, with all leading paint manufacturers now having developed low VOC versions of their paints.

The new low VOC paint products  are more durable and reliable than ever before.


No additional costs


Less or no paint fumes


Emit less odours


Faster drying times


Proven durability


Produce less emissions 

Low Voc Paint Brisbane
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Low VOC Paint Products

With low VOC paints becoming the new normal, all major Australian paint manufacturers produce their own low VOC range. These product ranges include:


Get Bakers & Co to supply your project with low VOC paints

Low-VOC paints are not only cost effective, but also better for people’s general wellbeing and the environment as a whole.

At Bakers & Co, we only use Low-VOC paints from accredited suppliers such as Dulux and Taubmans, so our clients know that they are making the best choice for the environment – with the added bonus of no additional cost.

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We set ourselves above the rest by ensuring that we can provide a complete professional service for any repaint or new build painting project, no matter how big or small.



By choosing Bakers & Co for your next project, you can rest assured that our team will employ the high quality and professionalism that we are known for. We provide workmanship guarantees and only use premium paint products

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Unlike most Brisbane painting companies, we do not use subcontractors for any of our painting works. This means that all of our painters are genuine and trusted employees of our company.


No subcontractors allows us to ensure that each of our painters are familiar with our company policies and procedures when it comes to both quality and safety standards. We respect your privacy, keep the site tidy and work with minimal disruption to you.



Having our own permanent Brisbane based team has allowed us to build a strong reputation for quality across Queensland. We have over 100 clients who regularly have us do ongoing painting works, with our quality results speaking for themselves 

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Our painting team is insured, QBCC licensed, members of both Master Painters and Master Builders, and Dulux Accredited, so you can be sure that we are committed to delivering cost effective, innovative and quality assured services every time


We're a 6th generation of Queensland family painters who offer the best high-quality finishes around Brisbane. We understand the climate here and are experts in painting everything from houses and units, to industrial and commercial properties

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