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Lead Paint Removal

Removing lead paint coatings in a way that ensures optimal health and safety outcomes

Lead paint can still be found in homes today

With lead paint being used in the construction of Queensland properties until the late 1970s, the presence of lead is a recurring issue we see in many older homes and commercial properties.

Bakers & Co Painting And Decorating are highly experienced, trained and equipped to test and remove lead paint coatings, with our industry leading, environmentally friendly and safe lead paint removal systems.

The Dangers of Lead Paint

Does Your Home Contain Lead Paint?

Removal Options

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Dangers of lead paint

It is important to know the history of your home before conducting any renovations where you may risk disturbing hazardous substances such as lead paint.

When lead paint coatings are in a sound condition, it is usually not harmful. It is once the paint starts flaking or peeling that the lead is exposed and becomes a hazard to your health. If flaking / peeling lead paint is left unattended, it can cause serious health issues.

When lead paint is disturbed the lead particles make their way throughout your home and your soil, remaining for years after the renovations are finished, and over time the lead exposure accumulates and poses a health hazard. 

Does your home contain lead paint?

A general guide to use to determine the possibility of lead paint in your home are the following percentages based on Australian property construction dates:

Prior 1965: 50% | 1965 to 1992: 1% |1992 – 1997: 0.25% | 1997 – Current: 0.1%

However, the difficulty when it comes to determining lead paint is that this can not be done visually. The only way to determine lead in paint is through physical testing.

If you’re unsure, a thorough onsite assessment and test by our experienced lead paint removalists will help give you peace of mind.

Removal options

With years of experience removing lead paint coatings from residential and commercial properties across Brisbane, we have developed our industry leading lead paint removal procedures.

Our trained lead paint removalists know exactly how to assess your property, determine the presence of lead in both interior and exterior paint, and remove the hazardous coatings in a safe way, without causing further harm to anyone.

If lead paint is found, we assess the coating’s condition to create an action plan tailored to your individual property and needs.

Whilst there are a few options available, our removal method of choice is chemical stripping using a biodegradable, water based paint stripper to safely remove the various layers of paint on your home.

This option may be costly, but it completely removes all of the harmful lead paint and will give you a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee on your new paint work.

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Bakers & Co are industry leaders when it comes to removing lead paint coatings in a way that ensures the health and safety of our clients, employees and the environment. Ensure that your new paint coatings will withstand the test of time, contact us today to discuss your lead paint removal options.

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