About Bakers & Co.


As a new branch of our history begins to grow, this family based company is looking forward to maintaining a healthy working relationship with all of our clients on a professional basis, by providing a personalised service to meet every one of your needs and requirements.

After initial establishment in the painting industry in the 1890’s and the continued growth and development down through the generations of the 1910’s, 1950’s, 1980’s through to today, the Baker family name has been in the decorating industry for well over one hundred years through well-known names such as Baker and Staff and Baker Brothers. It has been through these generations that the reputation of quality services has been built and developed throughout Queensland and after one hundred years of refinement the quality assurance of our business and that is our history, will continue to be guaranteed.

It is now as we enter a new generation that we introduce the new Bakers and Co. Painting and Decorating Pty Ltd, and we begin to take this sixth generation family business in a new and exciting direction while still guaranteeing the same quality assurance procedures that are akin to the Baker and Staff & Baker Brothers Painters names.

Your business is greatly appreciated and as such we will provide the highest quality services while endeavouring to improve cost, quality and job satisfaction with every job and service we provide to you and your organisation.

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